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Storage Services

Outside Boat Storage

We have over 100 outside dry stack space for up to 9m boats as well as 100 outside hard standing spaces that can accommodate up to 12m. We can offer storage annually  6 monthly or simply by the month. Our site has a slipway and pontoon facilities.

Inside Boat Storage

We have a purpose built inside storage shed that houses 40 boats in racking up to 6.8m, we offer a complete package that includes 6 launches and recoveries with a wash offs. Upgradable to more if required.

Barn Boat Storage

We have a large fully contained barn for winter storage of boats up to 12m. Even if you don’t have a trailer for your craft we have a purpose built hydraulic trailer that enables us to load your boat onto a cradle here on site and then deliver to our barn. We also have a couple of large trailers that can take up to 11m boats.